A Path to Intimacy with God - Week II

Silence The second pre-requisite for Prayer without Words is silence. A business man requests of a master, “Master I am a very busy person and I don’t have much time for prayer. Can you give me the secret of prayer in one word?” The master responded, “Silence.” And the man inquired further, “Master how do I practice silence?” And the master replied, “Meditation.” “How do I practice Meditation?” asked the business man. The master replied, “Silence.” Silence is Meditation. Meditation is silence and it is prayer. Meditation, understood in this context, is not reflection, a cognitive activity. Dhyana, in Sanskrit means, going beyond thoughts and words. A couple of Scripture passages come to my

A Path to Intimacy with God - Week I

Desire “In God we live, move, and have our being” (Acts 17:28). Whatever the different stages our spiritual path might pass through, its final destination is intimate union with God. Isn’t this the pearl beyond all pearls that we all long and strive for in our spiritual life? There are many and varied paths to God (religious practices, cultic worships, novenas, praying with the Scripture, celebration of sacraments and use of sacramentals, Eucharistic adoration, praise and worship, pilgrimages, novenas, processions, rosary, lectio divina… ). Whatever religious path we have embarked upon it is just a starting point that should lead to the innermost mansion where God is present. It is in the

A Reflection on Prayer

A Reflection Based on Ex 17:8-13 and Lk 18:1-8 Moses is seen as a person of prayer (here in this case Prayer of Intersession). He is seen lifting his hands in prayer. As disciples of Jesus, all are called to a life of prayer; be it a priest/religious/lay Christian. This is our prime duty and a responsibility. As a father/mother/husband/wife am I a witness to a life of prayer in my family? The battle with the Amaleks: In today’s context and in our personal life the battle with the Amaleks; the spiritual battle that is going on within us. Who and what are these Amaleks in my life? It is through a life of prayer that we can have the necessary grace, power, and strength to overcome them. Aaro