Good Reads

St.Theresa of Avila
- Interior Castle

- The Way of Perfection
St. John of the Cross
- Dark Night of the Soul

- Ascent of Mount Carmel
St.Therese of Liseux
- The Story of a Soul

- The Little Way for Everyday

- Simply Surrender
Julian of Norwich
- Revelations of Divine Love
Swami Abhishiktananda
- Saccidananda

- Prayer

- A Christian Approach to Advaitic Experiences
Bede Griffiths
- Return to the Center

- The Cosmic Revelation

- New Creation in Christ
Thomas Merton
- The Seven Storey Mountain

- New Seeds of Contemplation

- Wisdom of the Desert
Fr. Richard Rohr
- The Naked Now

- Things Hidden

- Everything Belongs

- Falling Upward

- Eager to Love
Other Classics
- The Cloud of Unknowing

- The Way of the Pilgrim
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Be Still and Know that I am God Ps 46:10