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Andrews Amritharaj

Andrews, the Spiritual Director of Kenosis, has been involved in philosophical and theological education in India and the U.S. since 1995 at graduate and post-graduate levels. In the last sixteen years, besides teaching he has served as a Spiritual Director and continues to guide people spiritually. He served for a term as the Director of Spiritual Life Program at St. Patrick’s Seminary and University, Menlo Park, CA. He continues to give lectures and conferences on themes related to Moral Theology, Philosophy, Spirituality, and Scripture in the (San Francisco) Bay Area.  His special interest is in Contemplative Spirituality. He is able to compare and blend Christian theology, spirituality, and philosophy with that of the East since he has had his education both in Western and Eastern philosophy and spirituality. His educational and experiential background enables him to situate his teachings in the context of pluralism and dialogue.

Andrews Amirtharaj is from India. He has an M.A. in Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Moral Theology. He lives in the East Bay in northern CA. He has authored two books: Be Still – Bear Fruit: Living Our True Nature and From A Spiritual Perspective: Life is Meaningful.

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