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Kenosis  is an off shoot of the Tamil Bay Area Catholics Group that began in 2001 in the East Bay in northern CA. The group’s main purpose is to come together for the Eucharistic Celebration in their vernacular, Tamil. Over the years there was always, among some of the members, a deeper yearning for a personal and an intimate experience of God. Under the guidance of the then Spiritual Director Andrews Amritharaj, a few began to sit for meditation sessions. These sessions evolved into contemplative retreats where we longed just to “Be still and to know God.” As we moved from ‘information about God’ into ‘transformation in God’ it dawned on us that we can also avail the rich spiritual tradition found in non-Christian sources that can deepen our spiritual journey leading to an even more intimate experience of God. As our interior life deepened it also made us aware that our ‘personal transformation in God’ comes with its social dimension as well. Thus, it is stillness that leads to action. Our journey is from Contemplation to Action and from Action to Contemplation.  

As human beings we all seek to put an end to suffering and look for ways to find lasting happiness and peace. Religions, cultures, and various schools of psychology offer varied and manifold ways to find happiness and peace. But the question still remains as most of the avenues for peace and happiness is “caused.” Often times, happiness and peace appear and disappear depending on the changing circumstances. As Ramana Maharishi rightly pointed out, “What appears and disappears can never be real.” The same holds true with caused happiness and peace that appears and disappears. Constant change is a fundamental characteristic of the material reality, mind, and body. Is there an unchanging underlying reality which is constant and never changes? In my experience of impermanence I wonder if there is anything that is permanent. It is possible that we can become aware of and realize that source which is the foundation and source of uncaused happiness and peace; the source that is within us – in the cave of our hearts. 

How it All Began
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