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  • Andrews Amritharaj

A Reflection on Prayer

A Reflection Based on Ex 17:8-13 and Lk 18:1-8

Moses is seen as a person of prayer (here in this case Prayer of Intersession).

He is seen lifting his hands in prayer. As disciples of Jesus, all are called to a life of prayer; be it a priest/religious/lay Christian. This is our prime duty and a responsibility. As a father/mother/husband/wife am I a witness to a life of prayer in my family?

The battle with the Amaleks:

In today’s context and in our personal life the battle with the Amaleks; the spiritual battle that is going on within us. Who and what are these Amaleks in my life? It is through a life of prayer that we can have the necessary grace, power, and strength to overcome them.

Aaron and Hur supported the hands of Moses

They supported him so that he could continue to pray. It may happen that when one of the spouses shows interest in following a deeper spiritual life are you ready to support that person? Can you do the necessary (assuming extra responsibility at home) so that your spouse can follow through with that deep spiritual longing? Isn’t it the best gift that you can give to your spouse?

God will not act as the Unjust Judge in answering our prayers.The widow is an example of the spiritual journey from ‘blessed are the poor” to “blessed are the poor

in Spirit.” The absolute trust and surrender in divine providence.

Jesus not only spoke about prayer but also lived a life of prayer even up to the cross. His prayer is “Thy Will be done.” In one word it is SURRENDER. Prayer, in every form, should be an act of surrender.

Pray with the disposition that God’s will be done

Whether we pray for God’s will to be done or even if we don’t ask God, either way God’s will be done. Therefore the best form of prayer is to make our request known and surrender. Does God need a constant reminder?

Prayer is a relationship

Become what you pray for; to be one in and with God. Therefore, the call to perseverance in prayer is the effort that is called for. Rome was not built in one day. Michelangelo’s Pieta was the result of many chisel strokes. His Sistine chapel painting was the result of many strokes from his brush. Years of hard work have gone in. So too the need to be at prayer day in and day out.

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