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Purpose of a Life

Matthew 17:9-13

Few things we can glean from the scriptures as to the purpose Jesus had are the following:

- He was about his Father

- He was ingrained in the scriptures yet open to the signs of the times

- He was able to reinterpret his entire course of Life as well as the times in light of the scriptures and his insight

- He was radically honest

- He was radically realistic

- He precisely knew his purpose in that his mission was to and in the hands of his fellow jews

- He knew what his end is going to be and the future for his friends including everyone that his Father longs for and never abandons

- To allow his purpose to be fulfilled, he was ready to be given at the hands of those who want him gone

- He loved his life and loved to continue living and be among his friends whom he loved to the end

- He was passionate about the will of his Father and to accomplish his will which he made as his own and hence dropping his own desires and will

Well, what about all of us? What is our own purpose in our lives?

I think Life in itself starts towards a purpose, regardless of the time it ends up having.

If we can have the traits of what Jesus had, especially honesty, radically being open to what the Life tells you, I think we can allow our Life to accomplish its purpose although one may not know immediately the purpose but in so far they are open it will come to them and you will know it at some point.

Be open to your own Life! Yours is not yours alone but all lives are much more connected than we can even imagine. That's it.

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