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In Genesis 4:1-15,25 we see how jealousy, self-obsession, lack of reverence for the goodness, for God comes into play and Cain killing Abel as a result. When God asks Cain on where Abel is, his response is striking "Am I my brother's keeper?".It is not a question but rather a remark, a play of indifference. Let us switch to a different topic now. We know from our christian faith that all mankind is made in God's own image and likeness. Then we have the fall and we all share the tendency to do evil. Let us focus on that God's own image and likeness.

When my kids are excited about what they have achieved individually I try reminding them that what makes us (as parents) much happier is to see kids united and the bonding rather than bickering with one another. I am sure parents share this longing about their kids. I think such attributes that we have truly reflect that in deed we are made in God's own image and likeness and especially that we have free will we need to enhance that sort of tendency rather than focus only on succeeding or kids being first in all things. Now let us switch back to Cain and Abel. Even though God does not answer his supposed question "Am I my brother's keeper?" we see God has given a big YES in Jesus who showed God's love ultimately on the cross and also from birth and in his life.God relishes in seeing his creation together, caring for one another including the entire creation.

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