What We Offer

    The journey into the heart is made possible through

  • Spiritual Direction: Andrews, with his years of experience as a spiritual formator, guides people in spiritual direction

  • Spiritual Practices: Through Lectio Divina we deepen our knowledge of the Sacred Scripture which ultimately leads us to contemplation. In Lectio Divina we also avail the Scriptures of other religions for God’s wisdom is found in other religions too

  • Spiritual Retreats: Twice a year we offer weekend retreats to deepen our relationship with God. Eventually we will be offering week long retreats

  • Spiritual Seminars: We organize seminars/conferences inviting religious people from different faiths to present religious/theological themes

  • Inter-Faith Prayer: As an expression of our common spiritual journey, along with people from different religions, we come together to pray to the one God who is in all

  • Spiritual Pilgrimage: We organize pilgrimages to religious places to be inspired and to be spiritually rejuvenated

  • Satsangs: We come together for Satsangs (gatherings for lectures on Spiritual life) and also sit in meditation sessions which are often guided by Andrews

Be Still and Know that I am God Ps 46:10