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Be Still - Bear Fruit

“Be Still – Bear Fruit offers an effective way to reconnect with God and others with a deeper sense of self. It shows how contemplation can enrich our everyday lives, whatever our beliefs may be. It is biblically centered, theologically sound, profound yet very clear, practical and inspirational. With insight, beauty, and wisdom stories of both Christian and non-Christian traditions, Dr. Andrews shows that the means to spiritual wellbeing are within us all. When you have read and lived this book, you have been in touch with the best that the world spirituality has to offer. It is ideal for both the individual reader and study groups.”

Dr. George Alengadan Ph.D.

From A Spiritual Perspective: Life is Meaningful

“From A Spiritual Perspective: Life is Meaningful speaks of the deepest relationships we have and how life becomes meaningful only if we look deeper that the materialistic culture that surrounds us… Andrews reminds us that the purpose of life is useless things – things we can’t use like being in love or being in prayer…This book is filled with wisdom of Eastern and Western spiritual masers and they are united in a common mysticism… Perhaps one of the most surprising, and at the same time, most effective, themes that are treated in this beautiful and practical book, is the theme of death and grieving and how it touches our deepest human experience-the paschal meaning of our lives…The question of the spiritual journey for each of us is “what is the next step?” Andrews has written a book that will help us to see where God is leading us next in our own pilgrimage.”

Rev. Eugene Konkel, S.S., M.A., S.T.L.

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