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Kenosis : 

  • Follows Christ in his path of self-emptying as a way to union with God

  • Is inclusive in embracing the seeds of truth and wisdom sowed by the Spirit that transcends particular cultures and religions. The Spirit blows where it wills

  • While acknowledging that there are different paths to God experience, it places special emphasis on the path of meditation

  • Does not deny religious practices in one’s spiritual life but it places more importance on the path of being spiritual. It gives importance to “being spiritual” rather than “doing spiritual”

  • Is focused more on the experience of God than on the knowledge of God

  • Desires for a non-dual experience of God

  • Accepts that self-transformation in God has its social dimension

  • We try to achieve this through

    • Through spiritual practices and satsangs

    • A commitment to life of prayer and meditation

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