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  • Johan Peter (Grade 5)

Surprise Attack from Growing Up

Have you ever looked at your pictures from the past and observed how much you’ve changed through these years? You see, growing up is almost an unnoticeable thing in reality until we take time to think about it. Because, growing up is very slow and it’s hard to notice unless you look back . Don’t worry, you are always growing and you will never stop.

Some people lie on the bed thinking,”When will I grow up?”. But, I think they don’t realize that adults do many similar things like kids, after all, they are humans. But I do look back, once in awhile, see new changes every time, little or big. That doesn't mean I’m a different person in any way. May be, God has some cool idea for living things to go through different phases of growth. For, growing happens in plants, animals and human beings. Probably I’ll understand more about it, when I grow up too.

I’ve seen grown ups do so many things that I do. I see my parents cry, drop their spoon, and also, they have felt adults ignore them because, they were also kids once. In the poem “The Little Boy and the Old Man,” Shel Silverstein does a great job in comparing two people, completely of different ages, and they were doing almost the same things. Although adults get jobs, have an option to go to school, and even get more rights than us kids, they are still humans and not aliens, and just like in Silverstein’s poem, they can still be kiddish and still be adults!

Everyone makes mistakes, and people grow, and change their personality. They physically grow too. You could think of yourself as a baby fawn, unable to balance, and after a few years, you’re jumping from place to place, but guess what? You are still the same person (or fawn)! After all, everyone has once been a little boy or girl and they have had lots of experiences too. All in all, adults and kids are alike in many ways, major or minor.

To me, adults are just bigger versions of kids, and God intended for kids to be kids and adults to be adults so they are different in their own ways. Growing up may feel to be slow and at times boring, but I realize as I grow, I learn new things every single day. I think it’s just wonderful growing up, though it has its own fun and challenges.

I see my parents are happy, and I think I’ll be like them one day too. When I asked them, they told me that if I pray everyday, when I grow up I will be a happy person too. I hope I will follow their path and enjoy every phase of growing up. I am very sure that with God’s help, we all can cheerfully accept the changes in life and go with it.

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